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Joker Tattoos

Joker tattoos are popular body art selections for a variety of tattoo seekers: from fans of the Batman comic series to those who are simply tricksters at heart. They range in size and nature as well, from small and happy to large and evil. With inspiration from royal courts, playing cards, comic books and even haunting movies, joker tattoos have become increasingly popular design requests in modern day tattoo parlors.

In a deck of playing cards, the Joker card represents the “Wild Card,” the only card that does not carry a numerical value. Instead, it carries special playing power. Some card games, such as Jokers Wild, exclude the use of the joker card altogether. Those seeking joker tattoos to represent themselves as “Wild Cards,” or to symbolize their enjoyment of card games or gambling often combine the image of a jester with playing cards, rolling dice and even slot machines.

Joker tattoos are also symbolic of court jesters. Jesters appear foolish, however, they are quite intelligent and able to mock even royalty without repercussions. These jokers do not belong to any specific social class and are usually seen wearing a velvet hat with bells. Joker tattoos of this nature generally feature them juggling balls or strumming guitars as the jokers’ roles were to entertain, and be the muse of, the royal court.

In 1940, the Joker appeared in the Batman comic series as a colorful character with super powers. Since then, Joker tattoos have taken on a new light. The popularity of the Joker character has grown over the decades and continues to be a favorite villain among Batman fans. Even celebrities such as Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan (who bares a Joker tattoo on the right side of his chest) are adorning their bodies with this unique and mischievous character. With unforgettable actors such as Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger portraying the Joker, the growth of this character’s fan base is far from over.

Joker Tattoos in Relation to Tarot Readings
Joker tattoos may also be symbolic of the Joker card in tarot readings – referred to as “The Fool.” During a reading, the appearance of an upright Joker represents a new beginning. If facing downward, it refers to choices and decisions that must be made before embarking on this new beginning. The Fool encourages one to confront these challenges with energy and optimism to ensure a positive outcome.

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