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Lizard Tattoos

Lizard tattoos are popular design selections among both men and women. With the ability to be both large and small, lizard tattoos lend themselves to being one of many different design styles: whimsical, realistic, simplistic and tribal to name a few. Particularly popular in Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions, lizard tattoos have proven to be popular body art choices across the globe.

Gecko Lizard Tattoos
Geckos are lizards that are commonly found in tropical regions around the world. They have broad heads, thick tails and are completely harmless. Whether brightly colored or patterned, geckos can change their natural color to blend with their surroundings. Unlike other lizards, geckos have a keen sense of hearing and the ability to make clicking noises, duck-like calls and even barking sounds. Geckos are naturally small lizards; therefore, gecko lizard tattoos are a great choice for those specifically seeking small lizard tattoo designs.

Iguana Lizard Tattoos
Iguanas are lizards that mainly come from South African rainforests and Central America. They can grow as large as five to six feet in length and are known for their impressive defense mechanisms. Naturally bright in color, iguanas are great choices for those seeking colorful lizard tattoos.

Lizard Tattoos and Cultural Symbolism
Different cultures regard lizard tattoos with varying symbolism. Native Americans, for example, associate lizards with dreams; therefore, those with lizard tattoos could be seen as dreamers or individuals who can interpret dreams. The Romans would have viewed lizard tattoos as symbols of rebirth and resurrection due to their belief that lizards hibernated. Those from the Mediterranean believe that lizards signify fond family friends; so, those with lizard tattoos will always be welcomed! Greeks and Egyptians view lizards as representations for divine wisdom and good fortune.

Celebrities with Lizard Tattoos
Here is a short list of star personalities who have their own lizard tattoos:

DAVID BOWIE / Singer: Lizard tattoo on ankle

NICHOLAS CAGE / Actor: Lizard wearing top hat tattoo on upper back

JOE ELLIOT / “Def Leppard” Singer: Lizard tattoo on left arm

ALEX O’LOUGHLIN / Actor: Lizard tattoo over right nipple

ALISSA YORK / Author: Gecko lizard tattoo on left arm

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