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Pumpkin Tattoos

Pumpkins are classic symbols for autumn—a season of harvest— as well as Thanksgiving feasts and Halloween celebrations. Just as pumpkins are used to decorate homes, they are also commonly used to decorate bodies through skin art.

With their showy designs and bright colors, pumpkin tattoos are often used to celebrate the magic and the beauty of the fall season. Their bright orange shapes blend perfectly with the changing leaves of autumn while lending fascinating images to tattoo art. Pumpkin tattoos may be chosen as representations of one’s openness and receptiveness to new ideas and experiences. They can also be symbolic of female sexuality.

While many pumpkin tattoos are symbolic of the autumn season, most pumpkin tattoo designs are meant to celebrate Halloween—some with a playful appearance and others with a frightening appeal.

Halloween Pumpkin Tattoos
The jack-o-lantern is one of the most popular symbols of Halloween, with the flesh of the pumpkin typically carved into various grotesque and ghoulish faces. Jack-o-lantern tattoos are often used as solo tattoo designs however, they can also have quite an effect when used in combination with other Halloween tattoo images such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, bats and black cats. Jack-o-lantern tattoos are commonly inked using bright orange colors, but may also be done in shades of green, red, blue, or colors that depict a rotting pumpkin. Along with their orange color, most Halloween pumpkin tattoos feature a bright glow of fire emanating from their hollowed out flesh.

Pumpkin Tattoo Designs
Pumpkin tattoo designs and styles can vary depending on the wearer’s specific interests and what it is that they are choosing the design to represent. Pumpkin tattoos meant to celebrate the autumn season are often brightly colored with various shades of orange that are complimented by swirling green vines. These designs are commonly done in a playful manner with a cartoon-like appearance and many include colorful fall flowers, gardens, apple trees, scarecrows and cornucopias.

Pumpkin tattoos celebrating Halloween are often created to appear ghoulish and frightening; however, they may also be done in a playful manner by including silly or smiling faces. These designs are commonly done using a traditional orange color palette; but, may also be inked in a variety of colors such as blue, green, pink, purple, yellow or red.

Pumpkin tattoo designs can be easily manipulated into different shapes such as hearts and skulls and have an interesting appeal whether tattooed as an individual pumpkin, with numerous pumpkins, or combined with other design elements such as Halloween or autumn inspired images.

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