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Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos are some of the most versatile and popular forms of body art chosen today. Selected by both men and women, rose tattoos can be any size and placed practically anywhere on the body. The obvious beauty, shape, scent and vivid coloring of roses in nature make them the most popular and well known of all flower types. As a result, they have had decades of popularity in the tattoo industry and have been a long-time favorite for both new and veteran tattoo seekers as there are literally thousands of design variations to choose from. So, whether one is searching for beauty, simplicity or symbolism, rose tattoos remain as timeless as ever.

Variations of Rose Tattoos
There are countless design combinations that can be incorporated into rose tattoos. Some of the most popular rose tattoos pair these classic flowers with butterflies, skulls, crosses, hearts and ribbons for personalizing with names of loved ones. Rose tattoos with bold tribal elements offer that which is both strong and beautiful. Even those featuring snakes and reapers appear as a softer and more interesting version of an otherwise hard and less colorful design. The sharp edges of daggers and barbed wire are a striking contrast to the gracefully curved petals of the beautiful roses they are often paired with. Therefore, roses can easily be incorporated into practically any tattoo design to help add color, softness and symbolism.

Red Rose Tattoos
Red rose tattoos are the most popular of all rose designs. Using a true red pigment signifies love and romance. This same vibrant color is used in single red rose tattoos to say “I love you.” Red rosebuds are symbolic of purity and loveliness while burgundy and other darker shades of red are symbolic of unconscious beauty.

Yellow Rose Tattoos
Yellow rose tattoos are known to signify friendship; however, their symbolism does not stop there. Having previously been known in Victorian times as a symbol of jealously, yellow roses now represent joy, friendship, the promise of a new beginning and “I care.” When yellow rose tattoos are adorned with red tips, it means that a friendship has advanced towards love. Gold colored rose tattoos celebrate achievement.

Pink Rose Tattoos
Pink rose tattoos are symbols of grace, elegance, gentleness and sweetness. Deep pink roses are noted as saying thank you while light pink roses are known to represent happiness and fun.

Blue Rose Tattoos
Blue rose tattoos are popular forms of body art as blue roses are cannot be found in nature: they are man-made through the use of dyes. Blue rose tattoos symbolize the impossible and that which is fantasy. They also represent the hope for a miracle and new possibilities to come.

Purple Rose Tattoos
Purple rose tattoos are signs of enchantment and are also known to represent love at first site. Lavender roses symbolize falling in love; however, most people choosing this color do so because of their general liking of the color rather than to represent such a temporary and uncertain state in a relationship. Lavender roses are also symbolic of enchantment and make wonderful additions to any unicorn, fairy or magical tattoo design.

Orange Rose Tattoos
Orange rose tattoos represent enthusiasm, energy and desire. The color orange can also be used to convey pride in an accomplishment.

Peach Rose Tattoos
Peach rose tattoos symbolize sincerity, gratitude, appreciation, admiration and sympathy.

Green Rose Tattoos
Green rose tattoos are signs of good health and abundance.

White Rose Tattoos
White rose tattoos symbolize purity, innocence and unity. However, if the petals are withered, it is a sign of fleeting beauty or that no impression was made.

Black Rose Tattoos
Black rose tattoos represent death, loss, a final farewell or that a relationship has ended. Similar to blue roses, there are no true black roses found living in nature.

Combining Colors and Meanings
When two or more roses of different colors are tattooed together, it generally takes their individual meanings to heightened levels. Here are a few of the most popular color combinations of roses and their meanings:

White + Yellow Roses = harmony

Red + Yellow Roses = message of happiness and celebration

Red + White Roses = an indication of bonding and harmony

Pink + Red Roses = passion and romance

Numbers of Roses
While often times the number of roses in a tattoo is determined by the size of the tattoo’s location or the number of people to be represented by each rose (ie. number of children, etc.), there are actual meanings associated with rose quantities when giving flowers. Here are a few of the most common numbers taken into account when giving flowers with meaning and how to further customize rose tattoos:

1 Rose = devotion to one person
2 Roses = feelings of love and affection between two people
3 Roses = I love you
6 Roses = I miss you
7 Roses = infatuation
9 Roses = together forever
10 Roses = perfect love
12 Roses = declaration of love and appreciation

Celebrities with Rose Tattoos
Here is a short list of star personalities who bare rose tattoos of their own:

ROSEANNE BARR / Actress: Rose tattoos on back and right breast

MARY J. BLIGE / Singer: Rose tattoo on left thigh

CHER / Singer & Actress: Black rose tattoo on ankle

LAURA COVER / Model: Rose tattoo on back

MINNIE DRIVER / Actress: Rose tattoo on butt

JACQUELINE/ Wrestler: Two rose tattoos (right breast and upper thigh)

HEATHER LOCKLEAR / Actress & Model: Three rose tattoos

RICKY MARTIN / Singer: Heart/rose tattoo on left groin

MARK McGRATH / “Sugar Ray” Singer: Blue rose tattoo on left forearm

ASHLEE SIMPSON / Singer: Large red rose tattoo on left forearm

PAUL STANLEY / “KISS” Band Member: Red rose tattoo on right shoulder

CHRISTY TURLINGTON / Model: Red rose tattoo on ankle

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