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Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are, and have always been, one of the most popular tattoo designs. It is one of the oldest symbols and a significant image in many religions and belief systems. Star tattoos are a wonderful choice for individuals searching for tattoo designs that will never go out of style. Simple or complex, small or large, there are a wide range of star tattoo compositions available. These designs commonly pair a star with images of planets, fairies, hearts, clouds, skulls, flowers and moons. Having numerous meanings associated with them, star tattoos are appropriate for both men and women and predominantly appear on arms, shoulders, ankles, wrists, feet or near the abdominal area.

Solo star tattoo designs are symbolic of many different things: reaching for the stars, the desire to become a star, a new birth, wanting to have a better life, obtaining one’s goals, a significant change in one’s life and numerous other reasons. Clustered star tattoos generally symbolize a playful nature or an individual who appreciates fantasy.

Shooting Star Tattoos

Shooting star tattoos are easily considered the most magical of all star designs. They can represent the desire to become famous, have success, bring good luck, reach an ultimate destiny and have one’s wishes come true. Shooting star tattoos also represent the beginning of life, a new birth, a desire for a better life or they may simply symbolize beauty. Shooting star tattoos are also commonly associated with a moment in time that has left a lasting impression, whether a short romance, special event, a person, job, or anything that has changed one’s life. They often incorporate a “trail” of smaller stars or stardust and are also commonly combined with tribal-art.

In the world of astronomy, shooting stars are actually meteors; therefore, stargazers and those interested in astronomy may choose shooting star tattoos to show their interest in, and appreciation for, celestial bodies.

Religious Star Tattoos

In many religions, star tattoos carry different meanings. For instance, the five-pointed star signifies the Christian belief in the birth of Jesus Christ (Star of Bethlehem). When drawn upside down, the five-pointed star (or pentagram) is seen by Mormons as a satanic symbol known as the “Goat’s Head.” However, when pointing up, the pentagram is a standard symbol for witches, freemasons and many other pagan or occult groups. The pentagram is often seen as a symbol of protection and balance. Its five points are often believed to resemble the four elements with the fifth top point representing the spirit who resides over the other elements.

Another example of a religious star tattoo is the Jewish Star of David, also referred to as the “Shield of David”—a strong symbol of Judaism. It is also a symbol of Israel (appearing in the Israeli flag) and Zionism. It is a six-pointed star that symbolizes God’s rule over the universe and his protection that comes from all directions (North, South, East, West, up and down). Roman Catholics regard the six-pointed star as a representation of celestial bodies relating to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In Islam, the center of a star (regardless of how many points it has) symbolizes Mecca, with each “ray” or point reaching out and to which Muslims always face during prayer.

When referred to as the “creator’s star,” the six points each represent a day of the week and the center corresponding with the Sabbath.

Four-Pointed Star Tattoos

A four-pointed star tattoo may be intended to portray Christian beliefs. Typically referred to as the “Star of Bethlehem,” four-pointed stars have cross-like shapes and are associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. At the opposite end of the spectrum, four-pointed stars are commonly known in Japan as “shuriken,” or Ninja Stars. They are sharp metal weapons used by ninjas to slice or stab an opponent’s arteries.

Five-Pointed, Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical star tattoos consist of a five-pointed star in which the points are cut in half and shaded or filled with a different color to create a 3-D perspective. Typically, the color combinations applied to these designs are black and red or black and white. As the most masculine of star tattoos, nautical stars were first popular among sailors who used the stars in the sky (particularly the North Star) as a source of navigation and guidance. In this sense, baring nautical star tattoos meant that sailors would always have the ability to find their way home. Similarly, punk rockers view the nautical star as a symbol of finding their own way in life. In Ireland, however, nautical star tattoos have a different meaning: they are a symbol of good health.

Other Five-Pointed Star Tattoos

Along with the nautical star, five-pointed star tattoos can have other meanings. For example, the ancient Egyptians believed them to be symbols of heavenly bodies. Five-pointed star tattoos can also be relative to the five elements: air, earth, fire, water and spirit. Mathematicians view them as symbols representing mathematical perfection while others may choose five-pointed star tattoos for protection against evil. A starfish is an example of Mother Nature’s version of a five-pointed star.

The five-pointed star is used as the symbol of the People Nation alliance of gangs from Chicago. Blood gangs who originated from New York known as the United Blood Nation also use this symbol as they have emulated the People Nation alliance.

Five-pointed stars can be found on many national flags due to their strong association with military power. The flags of Iraq, Pakistan, China and Bosnia are great examples. The flag of the United States, also in this category, bares fifty stars representing the fifty U.S. states. This is a popular tattoo design choice for American military personnel and veterans alike who choose to proudly display their patriotism.

Seven-Pointed Star Tattoos

To the Cherokee people, seven-pointed stars (one point for each of the seven clans of Cherokees) represent victory and success. These star tattoos symbolize integration and the mystical and are often seen with the seven planets and seven-fold systems such as the Hindu chakras. They are also known as Fairy Stars (or Elvin Stars), sacred symbols to the Wiccan people who are practitioners of the Faery tradition.

Eight-Pointed Star Tattoos

Eight-pointed star tattoos commonly represent chaos and all the directions from which it comes. They can also symbolize fullness and regeneration, and are often seen with the eight-fold system such as trigrams, the pagan wheel of the year, and the Ogdoad of ancient Egypt. They may also represent the cross of Saint John and are considered symbols of beautification in Arabic states.

The Pennsylvania Duetsch created a symbol that is known as the morning star. The morning star is an eight–sided star that is referred to as a hex sign—an entirely positive design. Morning star tattoos are symbolic of a bright and cheerful energy, the desire for love, and showing kindness towards others.

Nine-Pointed Star Tattoos
Nine-pointed star tattoos symbolize achievement and stability, and often represent stability in terms of change. They are fairly rare since they are not very easily drawn and are seen as very mystical and as having special powers. The nine-pointed star is commonly seen with nine-fold systems such as the nine Taoist kanji.

Celebrities with Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are even popular among some of today’s most famous celebrities. From Avril Lavigne to Peter Fonda, here is a small sampling of tattooed celebrities and where they bare their star tattoos.

AALIYAH / Singer: Star tattoo on hand

NICK CARTER / “Backstreet Boys” Singer: Half moon and star tattoo on shoulder

PETER FONDA / Actor: Three star tattoos on forearm

DARYL HALL / “Hall & Oats” Musician: Star tattoo on shoulder

GERI HALLIWELL / “Spice Girls” Singer: Star tattoo on upper back

SOPHIE HOWARD / British Model: Star tattoos down back and on inside of left wrist

KATE HUDSON / Actress: Star tattoo on top of left foot

NORAH JONES / Musician: Star tattoo on lower back

AVRIL LAVIGNE / Musician: Star tattoo on inside of left wrist

LINDSAY LOHAN / Actress: Star tattoo on inside of left wrist

EVA LONGORIA / Actress: Star tattoo on inside of left wrist

SIENNA MILLER / Actress: Star tattoos on lower right bikini line and on right shoulder

PINK / Singer: Shooting star tattoos on back of left shoulder and on hand

RIHANNA / Singer: Star tattoo on inside of left ear

RICHIE SAMBORA / “Bon Jovi” Band Member: Star tattoo on right hand

ASHLEE SIMPSON / Musician: Star tattoo on inside of left wrist

BRITNEY SPEARS / Singer: Star tattoo on right hand

GISELE BUNDCHEN / Super model: Star tattoo on inside of left wrist

MEGAN FOX / Actress: Star/moon tattoo on inner right ankle

KRISTEN CAVALLARI / Reality TV star: Star tattoo on left foot

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